A prestigious club with over 300 members giving beautiful and powerful performances

Our club is a figure skating club where a wide range of people, from enthusiasts to aspiring athletes, participate. Currently, we have over 300 club members who diligently practice under the guidance of excellent coaches.
We offer lessons tailored to each level, from beginners to advanced skaters, and provide an environment where members can grow not only technically but also mentally and physically. We actively participate in various competitions and events, and many of our skaters achieve outstanding results.



History of Meiji Jingu Gaien Figure Skating Club

  • 1982

    Established under the auspices of Meiji Jingu Gaien

  • 1996

    Temporary dissolution in March due to rink renovations and establishment of a new club on August 1

  • 2019

    Club reorganization, bringing the new total to approximately 370 members


Membership eligibility

To join our club, you must meet the following requirements and obtain approval from the club's board of directors:

  • 1. Possession of the Japan Skating Federation Badge Test at the Elementary level or higher.
  • (If you do not possess the badge for this level, please take the test under the guidance of one of our dedicated instructors before joining the club.)
  • 2. Recommendation from one board member or one exclusive instructor is required.
  • 3. For individuals under 18 years of age or those who are currently enrolled in school, parental consent is required.

Class composition and monthly membership fees


Athlete development

ClassLevel月Monthly feeCapacity
S-A7th grade55,000yen20people
S-B6th grade: Up to high school students45,000yen25people
S-C4th and 5th grade: Up to middle school students40,000yen30people
S-D2nd and 3rd grade: Up to elementary school students30,000yen30people
S-E1st grade: Up to elementary school students18,000yen35people
S-FBeginner level: Up to elementary school students15,000yen40people


ClassLevelMonthly feeCapacity
S-1Elementary school and above: 4th grade and above20,000yen50people
S-2Middle school and below: 3rd grade and below15,000yen50people
S-3High school and above: 3rd grade and below15,000yen50people
ClassLevelMonthly feeCapacity
FSkating permitted during regular business hours only13,600yen-


ClassLevelMonthly feeCapacity
D1Ice dance25,000yen35people

Synchronized skating

ClassLevelMonthly feeCapacity
G1Synchronized Skating (Junior/Senior)31,000yen40pepple
G2Synchronized Skating (Novice)24,000yen-
G3Synchronized Skating (Juvenile)15,500yen20pepple

Meiji Jingu Gaien Figure Skating Club Timetable

Membership process

  • Step 1

    Declare your desire to join to the dedicated instructor.
    *Declaration must be made by the individual who wishes to join.

  • Step 2
    Membership process guide

    We will contact you by phone when it is your turn on the waiting list.。

  • Step 3
    Membership orientation

    For those whose membership has been approved, orientation will be held in the month prior to joining.。

  • Start activities from the following month!