Important notes

Individuals not allowed to enter the rink:

Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or in possession of alcoholic beverages
Persons who are accompanied by pets
Persons who may cause inconvenience, discomfort, or fail to follow staff instructions
Persons who intend to conduct business within the facility
*Individuals who do not comply with staff instructions may be asked to leave.

Prohibited items within the facility:

Bottles, cans, plastic bottles, and alcoholic beverages
Hazardous materials or items that may disturb others

The following actions are strictly prohibited:

Using sticks, pucks, goals, or any related equipment during regular business hours
Crossing the rink, skating in the opposite direction, zigzag skating, excessive speed, sudden stops, or any behavior that may inconvenience other customers
Playing with snow on the rink or intentionally creating holes
Group skating in a train formation or holding hands with four or more people
Skating while wearing earphones, headphones, bags, backpacks, or any other items attached to the body
Skating with footwear other than figure or hockey skates
Entering the rink with footwear other than ice skates
Taking photos or videos on the ice or rink side
Sitting on fences or handrails
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
Performing spins, jumps, or any other risky maneuvers without the presence of an assigned instructor
Skating while wearing a helmet with a face guard, shoulder pads, or elbow pads


Gloves must be worn at all times for accident prevention.
In the event of an injury inside the facility, first aid will be provided, but we do not assume responsibility for any subsequent issues.
Parents and accompanying individuals are responsible for supervising children and should not let them out of their sight.
Cash and valuables should be stored in the coin lockers, and locker keys should be kept with the individual. We do not assume responsibility for any loss or theft.
During busy periods, entry restrictions may be implemented if necessary.
Please exit the premises by 18:30.
Food and drinks should be consumed only in the designated areas.