School and fees

Thorough instruction on fundamental figure skating techniques is provided.
Beginners can start with confidence.

Our school provides tailored instruction for each level, delivered by specialized instructors who offer detailed and easy-to-understand guidance.
Even those who are trying on skates for the first time or stepping onto the ice for the first time can enjoy skating with peace of mind.


Class overview

Enrollment fee : 11,000 yen (incl. tax)
※No fee is charged for rejoining within one year.

Class for 3-year-olds

Age: 3 years old
Capacity: 20 students / Duration: 45 minutes
Tuition: 8 lessons - 18,400 yen, 9 lessons - 20,700 yen

This class aims to familiarize children with the ice.
Students will learn basic skills, such as how to put on skates and stand on the ice.

*Children must have reached the age of 3 in order to join.
Example: Child born in April or May -> Can join from the 2nd term (June-July)

Regarding change of class

Once your child turns 4 years old, you can request a change to the preschool class. Please change to a preschool class before your child turns 5 years old.
Submit a class change request during the designated period.
Example: For children born in April or May, submit the change request from April 1st to April 21st. Move to the preschool class in the 2nd term (June-July).
Class changes are subject to availability in the desired class. If there are no openings, your child will continue in the current class.

Preschool Class

Age: 4 years old to 1st grade
Capacity: 35 students / Duration: 45 minutes
Tuition: 8 lessons - 20,000 yen, 9 lessons - 22,500 yen

We conduct lessons focused on the fundamentals of figure skating, tailored to each child's pace.
Students are divided into different levels from beginners to experienced skaters.

There is no level check, but the content is similar to the Junior class.

Junior class

Age: 1st grade to 9th grade
Students are divided into classes
based on their skill levels to aim for individual improvement.

Junior basic class

Capacity: 35 students / Duration: 45 minutes
Tuition: 8 lessons - 20,000 yen, 9 lessons - 22,500 yen

We focus on the fundamentals of figure skating.
If you are a beginner in the Junior level, you will start with this class.

Junior advanced class

Tuition: 8 lessons - 26,400 yen, 9 lessons - 29,700 yen/span>

This class is for those who have completed the Junior basic class.
*Graduation is achieved upon completion of Level 6.
However, you can remain enrolled until the following term after achieving Level 6.。

  • Level check

    A level check will be conducted based on the content of the school notebook for each term.
    As a general rule, it will be conducted in the 4th week of even-numbered months.

  • School notebook

    One notebook is provided per student. Please make sure to write the student's name on the cover.
    In case of loss, a reissuance fee of 220 yen (tax included) will be charged.

Adult class

Age: High school students and older

For beginners to experienced skaters

Learn the fun of figure skating from beginners to experienced skaters.

  • Adult 60

    Tuition: 8 lessons - 26,400 yen, 9 lessons - 29,700 yen

  • Adult 45

    Tuition: 8 lessons - 20,000 yen, 9 lessons - 22,500 yen

Experienced skaters

For those who can skate straight without falling and who are aiming to improve their technical skills.

Capacity: 20 participants / Duration: 60 minutes
Tuition: 8 lessons - 30,400 yen, 9 lessons - 34,200 yen


Time schedule

Annual schedule

PeriodClass change Withdrawal notice submission period
1st term4/1 to 5/312/1~3/7
2st term6/1 to 7/314/1 to 5/7
3st term8/1 to 9/306/1 to 7/7
4st term10/1 to 11/308/9 to 9/7
5st term12/1 to 1/3110/1 to 11/7
6st term2/1 to 3/3112/1 to 1/7
  • Important notes

    Our school operates on an automatic continuation system.
    If you wish to change classes or withdraw,
    please submit a notification within the designated period.
    There is no system for taking a leave of absence, making up missed lessons, or issuing refunds.

  • Annual closure

    December 29th to January 3rd

Instructor Deployment Chart

How to apply for regular class

  • Step 1
    Apply for waiting list

    Please apply at the skate rink reception or through our website.You cannot specify the desired month of enrollment.

    Regarding applying for waiting list via website

    [Eligibility] Those who have never registered as a member at our facility
    *The following individuals cannot apply via the website. Please apply at the front desk.
    ・Those who have experience with private lessons, school lessons, or reservation of private rink use
    ・Those who have already registered as members
    ・Those who wish to join the 3-year-old class
    *Those who only plan to use trial lessons or special lessons can register via the website.
    *If you are already enrolled and wish to change classes, please submit a class change request through My Page.

    Sign up for the waiting list here.

    Currently, the waiting list for Adult 45 has over 100 people for all classes. It may take approximately 2 to 3 years to receive an invitation, so please understand this before applying. Also, if you wish to cancel your waiting list registration, please contact us by phone. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Step2
    Class information

    We will make contact in the order of applications, beginning from the enrollment start date, only if there are vacancies in the class.
    *If we are unable to reach you by phone three times or more, we will move on to the next person.

  • Step3
    Enrollment procedure

    Please visit our facility by the end of the previous month before your desired enrollment month. Fill out the enrollment application form and make the payment for the next session.
    Please bring the following items:
    ・Membership fee, single course fee
    ・Cash card (only for personal bank cards that are eligible)

    *If your bank or account is ineligible, please bring a direct debit request form and the following items:
    ・Cash card
    ・Account seal
    At that time, we will provide you with the attendance card and the initial password for My Page.
    *For the Junior basic class, we will also provide you with a school notebook.

  • Start your lessons from the following month!

Important notes

・Enrollment fees and tuition fees are non-refundable regardless of the reason.

・Changes in class schedule or withdrawals cannot be made during the term. ・We do not accept enrollment applications over the phone.
・If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ section.
・Please refer to our enrollment agreement for more information.